The Diva Del Mar Reviews: Deadpool

Deep breath, here we go. How do I even begin to describe this film? I saw the press screening last night and I’m still reeling from it. It’s violent, raunchy, and fast-paced. It’s like getting laid, spanked, and laid hard two more times, while doing shots on a moving train. And during the whole amazing adventure you’re laughing hysterically. That’s what this movie is like, seriously. It makes Archer look like Sesame Street.


All joking aside, this is an incredible film for so many reasons, but the two factors that stand out the most for me, were the script and, of course, Ryan Reynolds himself. Let’s start with Reynolds, because, frankly, once you see this movie, Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds will be forever linked in your brain. His depiction of this character throughout the film and in all the supplemental video clips currently pervasive on social media, is so spot-on and fluidly natural, that you could totally believe that if Reynolds were to develop mutant powers, he would become Deadpool. As America’s favorite wise-cracking heart-throb since his days as Van Wilder, Reynolds has never broken past the B-actor status. He seems to rise up, almost make it, then crash down, offering up choice performances here and there, but never bursting into the scene. Barring a sudden nuclear holocaust, I believe all of that will change this Valentine’s Day, when this edgy masterpiece blows up date night across the nation.

Not only does Reynolds nail the snappy banter of this very unique mutant in the X-Men Universe, he also gut-punches you with an emotional depth that is surprisingly genuine. There are moments in the film that are so real and so heart-breaking, that for a moment, you forget that not two minutes prior, you were guffawing at a dick joke. And it’s these moments of human gravitas that make the rest of the action-packed, adrenaline fueled film carry more weight. You can’t help but love the mischieveous Deadpool, because he feels real, despite the comic-book action sequences, and over-the-top laugh-a-minute dialogue.


The director, Tim Miller, in his first feature film, pulls off something that is quite rare for a first-timer. He manages to create an excellent R-rated film, saturated with violence, sex, nudity, and criminally-minded protagonists while NEVER being exploitative at any moment. That’s right folks, despite all the naughty marketing that is going around, nothing is truly offensive, because in the end, the movie makes fun of itself (and of Reynolds), and apart from some scathing one-liners pointed at a few random celebrities, you never have to take anything with a grain of salt. It’s just plain dirty fun and nobody gets hurt. Well, I guess if you hate violence and sex, you’ll get offended, but with those proclivities you should be offended by babies and sports.

In addition to the amazing balancing act of non-persecution while remaining edgy, the script is really funny and jam-packed with referential humor. Marvel nerds everywhere and from any level of geek will rejoice in the countless homages and puns. I’m sure there are going to be haters, there always are, but they already hated the movie before it came out, so they can suck an egg.


The film breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis and this allows the audience to forgive certain challenges that the movie faces, a small budget being one of them. But what I like about the whole “breaking the fourth wall” mechanism, is that it acknowledges that the audience is intelligent. It’s easy to forgive the tell-tale signs of where the film needed more resources when Deadpool is staring straight at you and calling it out. It’s the classic “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” anecdote in action and the filmmakers run with it, turning a weakness into an ingenious quirk that smartly coincides with the comic books.

The aesthetics and action sequences are as gorgeous as they are fun and clever. The choreography and stunt work are solid and exciting and I feel that this has become standard in Marvel films. One particularly complicated action sequence, taking place on a freeway, is used as the central storytelling point for the first two acts, and the movie returns to it after several flashbacks. This allows the movie to refresh after heavier sequences and to keep the energy high as you learn about Deadpool’s origin story and his current predicament. His is a dark story, but the movie never lets you wallow in misery for long. Just as you start to feel the tone drop, you are brought back to the freeway and tapped back into a vein of mirth.


It is important to add that there are other interesting characters at play here, including a few obscure mutants resurrected from comic book lore. The highlight is Colossus, who is a bigger player in the X-Men Universe. His character is 100% CGI, and being made of metal, looks a little too shiny next to the matte-suited Deadpool. Yet it works because his personality is the polar-opposite of Deadpool’s, having a hardcore moral compass as unbending as his metal muscles. His action sequences are a lot of fun, so overly shiny or not, you like seeing him on the screen. We are treated to decent performances from all the other actors, but they just can’t hold a candle to our main man, who dominates the screen time in any case.

Deliciously naughty and valiantly exciting, Deadpool is going to make many Marvel nerds squee in their seats. I for one, was blown away and found it sexy, hilarious, and exhilarating! I think it’s the best action film since Mad Max: Fury Road. It breaks the Marvel axiom and pushes the boundaries of mainstream action in refreshingly bawdy ways! Make it a point to go see this movie and enjoy the ride. Thanks again to the filmmakers, and I send a special shout out to Mr. Reynolds. I’ll be dreaming of you tonight!

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Diva Del Mar