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ScreamCast 91: Help Tex Montana Survive!


We’re about to jump into Heavy Metal Horror Month, but FIRST: TEX MONTANA NEEDS YOUR HELP!

O. hannah Films (THE BATTERY guys.) needs your help to distribute their newest film Tex Montana Will Survive! If successfully funded, the one man “found footage” comedy will be distributed under Creative Commons so it can be distributed worldwide for FREE.

About the film:

When his reputation as the most famous and trusted TV survival host in the world is tarnished following allegations that his show is staged, Tex Montana attempts to clear his name by documenting himself surviving in the remote wilderness for thirty days, completely alone.

Take a listen to this podcast as we speak to Christian Stella and Jeremy Gardner for the “How and Why” they need your help. We’re 100% behind this Kickstarter and think it is an important step for Independent filmmakers to be in full control of their creations. Visit the Tex Montana Will Survive! Kickstarter page HERE.

Also, visit their YouTube page for survival tips straight from Tex Montana himself!

Find tickets and showtimes on Fandango.

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