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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Witch

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Although we gave you a bit of a review for this atmospheric horror film that everyone is talking about back during Fantastic Fest last year, the whole gang showed up to talk about it this time. Was it just because the Satanic Church held a ritual after the film at the screening they attended? No, it’s because The Witch is one of the most interesting horror films to come along in some time. Witch (lol) is to say, it’s still not for everyone.

The story follows a puritan family in New England from the early settler days who’ve been kicked out of their own puritan group for some mild deviation of belief and find themselves having to make a go for it on their own out in the woods. As it turns out, bad idea. The newborn of the family disappears and suspicions rise…is the teenaged girl of the family practicing witchcraft? Of course, it’s all more complicated than it sounds, at least subtextually, and our reviewers (Chris, JC, Kat, Sarah, Richard and Herman) delve deep into said complexities while reminding you…goats are evil, m’kay.

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