Highly Suspect Reviews: Hail, Caesar!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this Coen brothers’ movie needed more Channing Tatum. There, now my Charming Potato journey is complete. Their latest film features the tater in a relatively small, but unforgettable role, but that’s true of most of the starpower attached to the movie (and there is a lot). The story, such as it is, follows Josh Brolin who plays a ‘fixer” for a major Hollywood studio. He keeps stars from getting in trouble, makes sure the pictures come in on time…whatever needs doing on the spot, basically. But when the star (George Clooney) of their latest high profile pic is kidnapped by communists, he’s got to find him get get him back on set before the pic starts shooting again.

As per usual, the Coen’s output shows a divisive reaction and that was very true with our group of reviewers who ran the gamut of reactions. Said reviewers were: Chris, Elliott, Kat, Sarah, Richard and Jenny.

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