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Here’s Your Chance to Win a Limited Edition Evil Dead Poster

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Here’s your chance to win through some pretty amazing art for your wall.

On Friday Feb 26th, Silver Bow are going to be releasing for sale their print by acclaimed artist Francesco Francavilla of the original EVIL DEAD…


It’s a 6 colour regular edition screenprint, the size is 36″ x 24″. It is printed on 250 grm paper by SP Productions of Brussels and is a numbered edition of 220. Now you certainly can go on to their website and buy a copy for yourself for £35 (or you can buy the variant print edition here for £45). In fact, we’d like to recommend it. Look at that amazing thing. I’m only jealous I can’t win it for myself. Oh, did I say WIN it?

I did indeed. Here’s what you have to do…

If you’re either a current subscriber at Time Lord or Jedi level at or you become a new one in the next week (so, until March 2nd when the winner will be picked in a lottery), you’ve got an opportunity to win. In both the Time Lord forum and the Jedi forum there will be a place you can cast your name to win but you HAVE to go there and write your name in as a comment to enter. Time Lords will get one entry in the contest, Jedis get two. At the end of the week I’ll announce the winner and contact them for their mailing details and they’ll get sent the cool Evil Dead awesomeness.

So, there’s no better time than now to become a supporter! Or, for that matter, to check out some of the cool poster art available for purchase at our partners in this contest,


(small print: employees with free forum accounts (or upgraded for free accounts) are not eligible to win).


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