Five and Out 125: Worst of 2015


Special Guest Alert! Katie joins Wes and Steve as they discuss “bunker meals”, read some e-mails, and our Top 5 Worst of 2015! Enjoy!

What are your Top 5 Worst of 2015? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!

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1 thought on “Five and Out 125: Worst of 2015”

  1. 5. Jurassic World – This one bummed me out because I was really looking forward to it and it had cool action sequences and I love Chris Pratt but a lot of the characters were idiots in this film and handled things stupidly and it committed the biggest sin as it made Chris Pratt unlikable. And that’s not okay with me because the guy is awesome but Owen Grady was a grade A jerk in this film and I wanted him and Claire to be eaten by the I Rex.

    4. Fantastic 4 – Easily the worst superhero that I’ve seen in a long time. It was too dark for a Fantastic 4 film and there was barely any chemistry between the 4. You never spend anytime with them as they develop their powers. Which they only got because of Reed Richards being a drunken moron. Everything about this movie felt like it was taking a dump on one of the most popular superhero teams of all time. There was no love for the 4 here. Everything about this film feels as though the people that made it hated the 4.

    3. Jupiter Ascending – This film was just so boring. I saw this in theaters and it felt like watching an even longer dragged out version of the Star Wars prequels. The acting was all over the place and they would present things in the film and then just forget about it. And Eddie Redmayne’s acting, that was painful.

    2. Scream Queens – I was looking forward to this show as it seemed really fun but this show is one that I started to actively hate-watch. For a horror show with a slasher villain that was setting up a new story and supposed to be an anthology horror series, this was painful. As there were no likable characters. And while that was part of the point to have the characters be despicable, they went so over-the-top, that you were hoping that they would be picked off one by one. And the characters that weren’t assholes, were just so bland and boring because the writers only seemed to know how to loathsome characters. And perhaps the biggest sin came in the season finale as it had too many survivors for a horror show. Now, yes this was also a comedy/horror show but they focused more on the comedy than the horror and that ultimately hurt it.

    1. Walt Before Mickey – This was an independently made biopic about the early life of Walt Disney before he got really famous. They didn’t have any restrictions from Disney put on them, so they were allowed to show things that Disney might not be happy with. I was really looking forward to this movie as I’m a huge Disney fan and Walt Disney’s life is something I’ve read about immensely. But this was easily, the worst movie I saw all year. The acting was so bad and the film looked so cheap. I understand that they had a limited budget but the movie felt less like a film about the early life of Walt Disney but rather someone’s student project that accidentally got released to the public. And one of the biggest sins is how they cram references to Disney into t movie from lines such as“I wished upon a star and look what it gave me!” Or how Walt saw a mouse and it inspired him to make Mickey Mouse and that same mouse showed up at the end of the movie at the premiere of the first Mickey short, Plane Crazy. This was such a painful sit because I wanted to like movie because of how much I like Disney and how interesting Walt Disney’s life is but this movie failed in capturing what made Walt Disney’s life interesting.

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