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Digital Noise Ep 125: Oscar Free Zone

Richard and Marco make their way through a weird assortment of titles this week verging from Oscar bait to horror movies you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have to sit through. I’m not naming names; that’s Richard and Marco’s job. But I will tell you that the giveaway this week, Estranged, wasn’t even on any of our radar, and it also ended up being both of their Pick of the Week to boot, so time for new discoveries kids!

BluHangmanReview   BluHitchHikeReview   BluLiveFromHouseSoulReview

Empty Space

BluPrayForDeathReview   BluTheChallengeReview   BluZombieFightClubReview

Empty Space

BluHellionsReview   BluBlackMassReview   BluTrumboReview

Empty Space

BluThe33Review   BluGonnaGitUSuckaReview   BluHighwayToHellReview

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