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Digital Noise Ep 124: Is Joe a Spy?

Despite being covered in toxic tree ejaculate, Joe bravely accompanies Chris on their voyage through this week’s Digital Noise titles. And what a list we’ve got for you! All sorts of quality titles for your consideration (and some not so quality). On that note, even though Chris famously didn’t like it, we know a lot of you really, really did, so he’s giving away his blu-ray copy of Crimson Peak!

ReviewLastWitchHunter   ReviewFreeheld   ReviewManUp

Empty Space

ReviewTheKid   ReviewBridgeOfSpies   ReviewFromDuskTillDawnS2

Empty Space

ReviewTheLeftoversS2   ReviewTruth   ReviewSnowWhiteSignature

Empty Space

ReviewBatmanBadBlood   ReviewTheKeepingRoom   ReviewGrandma

Empty Space

ReviewFreaksOfNature   ReviewMI-5   ReviewDicksFromTX

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