Digital Noise Ep 124: Is Joe a Spy?


Despite being covered in toxic tree ejaculate, Joe bravely accompanies Chris on their voyage through this week’s Digital Noise titles. And what a list we’ve got for you! All sorts of quality titles for your consideration (and some not so quality). On that note, even though Chris famously didn’t like it, we know a lot of you really, really did, so he’s giving away his blu-ray copy of Crimson Peak!

ReviewLastWitchHunter   ReviewFreeheld   ReviewManUp

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ReviewTheKid   ReviewBridgeOfSpies   ReviewFromDuskTillDawnS2

Empty Space

ReviewTheLeftoversS2   ReviewTruth   ReviewSnowWhiteSignature

Empty Space

ReviewBatmanBadBlood   ReviewTheKeepingRoom   ReviewGrandma

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ReviewFreaksOfNature   ReviewMI-5   ReviewDicksFromTX

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2 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 124: Is Joe a Spy?”

  1. Crimson Peak was horrible! the music and melodrama almost made me walk! the ghosts looked cool and that was all, almost as shite as The Duke of Burgundy but not quite 🙁

  2. As somebody who is also having to work through a messed up cold AND who just thinks Joe is awesome in general, kudos to you for having the cajones to cough your way through these reviews. I feel your pain, cold bro!

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