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Watch a Movie With Us: Spider-Man 2


It finally happened. We got Martin Thomas to sit down and talk about exactly what it is that he hates so much about Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2”. I mean, it’s generally considered (by most of the people we know, anyway) to be the best of the Spider-Man films. And hey, he famously defends the most reviled of the series (part 3) against detractors. So, in order to give him his fair day in court, Chris decided to get an actual Spider-Man comic book writer, our old friend Paul Benjamin, to come in and hear him out…while we all watch the movie together.

If you’re a Time Lord or above subscriber you can watch along with us. Just download the MP3 from your subscriber lounge in the forums, sync it up with the movie as per the instructions in the beginning of the podcast, and hopefully have just as much fun listening as we did recording this one.



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