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Somebody Likes It Ep 63: The Strokes – “Room on Fire”

When Ryan suggested we listen to Clarence Carter’s 1986 ode to sexy time Strokin’ I couldn’t wait! Not only had we never devoted an entire show to just one song, but this song in particular is chockablock with subtlely and context! So I showed up to Mark’s garage with an armful of notes…

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that i had misheard Ryan and we were actually going to talk about The Strokes 2003 sophomore album Room on Fire! Whoops!

Hey, despite all evidence to the contrary, I’m just a human man people. Full of all those foibles that make life such a gas.


Ok, next time a David Bowie mix-tape show tribute. Nobody picked China Girl. I’m pretty sure, i got a little fucked up that night. See ya…




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