Somebody Likes It Ep 62: Grateful Dead – “Workingman’s Dead”

Listen closely (or not that closely if that’s how you prefer to listen) to the beginning of this episode and I clearly state that I expect everyone to stick to a discussion of Workingman’s Dead and to try and stay away from those all too iconic Grateful Dead live show images…What follows is an hour of hackey-sack jokes, sad attempts to noodle dance in the garage, and goofs on the chaos of a Dead live show in general (these are all things we assumed happened, cause we never actually attended a Grateful Dead show and hung out in the parking lot making burritos)…

In between, we did get in a little discussion of this album, and how different the studio albums were from the live shows. So yeah, nailed it YET AGAIN!

Next Up: The Strokes (the band, not Strokin the amazing 1986 song by Clarence Carter) and their second album Room on Fire Join us won’t you?


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