Somebody Likes It Ep 61: Tahiti 80 – “Puzzle”

Tahiti 80 are nothing if not pleasantly contradictory, or, at least, that’s what we’re more or less led to believe after basking in the warm glow of their debut album, Puzzle. They shared an affinity for indie bands when singer Xavier Boyer and bassist Pedro Resende met at university, and that affection for American stylings led, of course, to a band that sounds, well…completely French.

We unearth a few nuggets along the way, from the fact that Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger was (ahem) instrumental in contributing, to the fact that Tore Johansson produced the record in Sweden, and there is a clear kinship that feels Cardiganesque. They’re also rather funny (see Mr. Davies), and a somewhat fey, but these guys know a hook when they find one, apparent on Heartbeat.

We regale you with tales like the time Ryan and I chatted them up after a show at Austin’s late lamented version of Emo’s (the inside room, which never saw a health inspection it could pass…or care to).

Saddle up, and bring a beret.





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