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ScreamCast Ep 89: Remembering Bowie, Lemmy, Rickman & More

On this week’s show we say our goodbye’s to some legends that have recently left us, Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and a few more. We also have a handful of goodies that have arrived on our collective doorsteps, including Sean’s first Vinegar Syndrome “sexy time” experience with Roger Watkins’ CORRUPTION. As we realized the episode would run long, we have set aside our Stream Screams & VHS segments on the shelf for next week. We’ll plan more in depth discussions on the films OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN (1983, available on Vudu) and DOMINION (1995, available VHS and “other methods”) next week. Feel free to track these down and watch them to enhance your listening experience next week!



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