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Highly Suspect Reviews: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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Who exactly thought it was a good idea to let Michael Bay direct a film about a still current and upcoming election issue hot button like the story of the attack on the American Diplomatic Compound in Benghazi, Libya? Yeah, that’s kinda a rhetorical question.

But still, with John Krasinski (still trying to reinvent his image) as the newest member of a badass security team protecting the compound(s) and some typically over-the-top Bay carnage, there’s no question this is going to put butts in seats. But what did the crew think?

Chris, Herman, Ashley and JC weigh in. Man, between this and another review going up tomorrow, I suspect this week we’re really gonna get hit hard with the disgruntled commenting stick.


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  • birdy the critic

    I get sick of Michael Bay action movies even when they don’t handle culturally or politically sensitive topics. This might actually be more offensive to me than Pearl Harbor because it is far more controversial topic wise than that movie. So much of this is wrong or misguided and it plays into the same dumb, jingoistic bullshit that Bay plays to in his movies. Bay needs to either stick to topics that have no weight or meaning at all or improve drastically as a filmmaker and storyteller.

    • Shadow of Cronus

      Except making films that do not agree with your personal politics has NOTHING to do with his competence as film maker and storyteller

  • James Alexander

    I’m curious, Chris, did you find the release of United 93 to be too soon? I’m asking because I always thought you liked that movie.

    • Chris Cox

      I did not, but it wasn’t a film that was trying to be political at all. It was purely a survival story and about human nobility showing through in the face of almost certain death. We needed to see regular Americans being shown to be strong and heroic at that point and the film did that so very well without ever trying to influence politics. If it had spent the whole movie subtly insinuating that all this was happening because of the incompetence of the Bush government, while I might have sympathized, I would have strongly criticized it as a film for doing that.

  • Bat42

    Leni Riefenstahl

  • Hothead

    This movie was based off of a book that 3 of the seal members who survived the attack wrote. Plus they were onset consultants…..so this was basically a movie based off of their perspective,

  • Batj()y

    Why does Oneofus crew only want movies that criticize the right? I enjoyed watching JFK and Bush. Both films had major flaws on the presidents they covered but I don’t judge the merits of a film based solely on which party its painting in a bad light. You guys are better then that, aren’t you?

    • Chris Cox

      We criticized the Bush film W pretty heavily and JFK is an entertaining conspiracy picture but one that picks and chooses the facts to support its thesis. The problem with 13 Hours is one of the entire picture being a bland jingoistic tale that isn’t terribly good just as a picture and adds a flavor throughout of vague finger pointing at those who were in charge at the time. Without ever really discussing the issue of ‘so what happened?’ in terms of what went wrong, it settles for getting its audiences hackles raised and then continually painting everyone even vaguely ‘government’ with an incompetence brush. It’s manipulative but doesn’t ever get into the facts of what its trying to be manipulative about.

  • Travis Pickle

    when i click on Anomalisa it brings me here?