Highly Spoilleriffic Reviews: Anomalisa


One of the oddest, and arguably most genius, writers in Hollywood (Charlie Kaufman) returns with this uncomfortably but beautifully¬†animated film about a guy (David Thewlis) having more than just a bit of a mid-life crisis during a work trip who meets a young fan (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and starts to reconsider his life. You’ve certainly heard by now how this has been on a lot of best-of lists for the year, but is all that praise deserved?

The Unusual Suspects have a bit of a different take on this film from most of the reviews you’ve heard and the only way we could really get into it was by making this a spoiler review. Sarah, Chris, Beau and newcomer Kat (not the other one) make their thoughts known.


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4 thoughts on “Highly Spoilleriffic Reviews: Anomalisa”

  1. Honestly, I felt exactly the same way you guys did. It started off really interesting, but it devolved into a story about a dick head who has no empathy for other people yet expects everyone to feel sorry for his problems. It really irked me after a certain point when I realized he wouldn’t learn a thing by the end of the film and I ultimately left unfulfilled. It’s a beautiful piece of filmmaking for stop motion, but that’s it really.

  2. Sure it looks great but I was bored stupid.
    I hated the use of the same voice for almost everyone except Lisa. Don’t care what point it was making. It sucked all the reality out of the movie and that’s just death for any animation.

  3. I loved the movie, but it isn’t quite Top 10 Worthy. I’m totally with Kat (Who is a great new addition), I believe Michael is someone you feel a whole lot of pity for because he is so profoundly depressed and lonely. The decision to make it stop motion and have Tom Noonan voice all the side characters is reflective of his breaking point/mid-life crisis. But I think Michael and Lisa’s relationship is incredibly well defined in the sense that she’s totally in admiration of him and he believes she’s the one. The movie starts/ends kind of weakly, but the middle is just incredible.

    Michael never stuck out to me as “White People/First World Problems” even as an asshole because Thewlis really conveys the distraught nature beautifully.

  4. Loved it! The style heightened the banality and selfishness of midlife and made it compelling with some of the best stop motion I’ve seen.

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