Digital Noise Episode 122: Chris is a Robot


Joe and Chris are here to review home release movies & tv shows, and of course to destroy humankind. Wait, no, let me take that again. Joe and Chris are here to review home release movies & tv shows and help humankind in their efforts to better themselves, while admittedly skulking around somewhat suspiciously in the background over there near that plug socket. But hey, look at all the great reviews we’ve got for you this week! And never mind that other part. And what’s this: TWO giveaways this week. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Digital Noise podcast.

LookofSilenceBluRayReview   TheInternBluRayReview   DiaryofTeenageGirlBluRayReview

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BroadCity2BluRayReview   Unreal1BluRayReview   MrRobot1BluRayReview

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StraightOuttaComptonBluRayReview   IamThorBluRayReview   StonewallBluRayReview

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GildaBluRayReview   HowlBluRayReview   ExtraordinaryTalesBluRayReview

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9 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 122: Chris is a Robot”

  1. Since the documentary of Anvil (way back in 2008), a ton of metal musicians have jumped at the chance to have their own so that it would revive their career, and that’s just what “I Am Thor” looks like… at least it sounds like it was a fun watch. By the way, his movie “Zombie Nightmare” was the film debut of actress Tia Carrere AND an actor named Shawn Levy (who would go on to direct movies like the “Cheaper by the Dozen” remakes, the “Night at the Museum” movies and “Real Steel”)

  2. Huh, when you guys didn’t come out with a review for sinister 2 I just assumed that you’d watched it, thought it was terrible, but didn’t want to badmouth Cargill. Guess I was wrong

    1. Yeah, they didn’t screen it for press. Nor did they send us a copy for review so we can’t speak for quality. Just heard a mixed array of reviews.

      1. I saw it. Didn’t hate it, had some really creepy moments, but I think it just feels kind of pointless, some of the acting isn’t particularly strong (particularly the kids’ father), and it feels like it was rewritten by one of the lesser Blumhouse writers.

  3. The way you described Diary of a Teenage Girl reminded me of some of the notes hit by the movie “The To Do List”.

  4. absolutely loved unreal it helped me get over my game of thrones withdrawals. the main characters were just so viciously and absolutely manipulating and scheming. truly a great show and the romantic b plot was at least not groaningly predictable. great writing, good twists and a cool look at the behind the scenes of stupid shows like this definitely a top for me.

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