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Digital Noise Ep 121: Richard Stardust and the Marco from Mars

Richard and Marco team up on one of the saddest weeks in their memory to review one of the best batches of movies they’ve ever been handed for the show. All sorts of great home releases this week and a giveaway of The Green Inferno! Other than a bit of nasty static that creeped into the last minute or so, a flawless victory!

SicarioBluRayReview   TheWalkBluRayReview   EverestBluRayReview

Empty Space

ExperimenterBluRayReview   MemoriesOfTheSwordBluRayReview   OverYourDeadBodyBluRayReview

Empty Space

SleepingWithOtherPeopleBluRayReview   DeathgasmBluRayReview   GreenInfernoBluRayReview


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