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Best of 2015

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In this mega-length podcast, the gang (comprised here of Chris, Beau, Jenny, Richard, JC, Randy, Cat and Harris) got together to give you the lists you’ve been asking for…what was the best of EVERYTHING in 2015. Well, maybe not everything. But a lot.

Part one of the podcast covers TV. We watched a LOT of TV this year. And if you want more of this, may I suggest you head over to Randy’s TV Dudes podcast episode on the subject as well.

Part two deals with comic books and we’ve got a bunch of great suggestions for you there as well. A token effort was put forward towards videogames but honestly, we acknowledge we’re far from prolific enough players to really judge. May we steer you towards Jeff’s  Rage Select podcast for the best video game reviews out there?

Part three is movies. And we really do range all over the place on this one. To top it all off, the songs you hear on the breaks and at the beginning and end of the podcast were some of the songs our crew told me were the best songs of the year to boot. So you can go check ’em out for yourself they were:

1- SOB by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats from their self-titled album
2-Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice from the album My Love is Cool
3-Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots from the album Blurryface
4-Raising the Skate by Speedy Ortiz from the album Foil Deer

In addition to these, the crew also recommends these songs:

A New Wave by Sleater Kinney
Get Away by Chvrches
Chateau Lobby #4 by Father John Misty
Crystal by Of Monsters and Men
I’m a Ruin and Froot by Marina and the Diamonds
Pricks of Brightness by Ratatat
Exes and Ohs by Elle King
Chlorine and Wine by Baroness
Addition by No Devotion
Lonely Daze by Kate Tempest
Sparks by Beach House
Baby When I Close My Eyes by Sweet Spirit
Hello by Adele

And please, if you’re going to buy any of these singles, videogames, tv shows, movies, comics or ANYTHING you heard us talk about on this podcast, do it through one of our links as we get a nice little kickback from the good folks over there.


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  • El Pollo Guerrera

    Thumbs up to Richard for recommending NXT (and a once-in-a-while rasslin’ show could actually be fun)!

  • How come no one mentioned Steven Universe? It has some of the same people making it as Adventure Time (a show I just never could get into), only it’s a million times better and the songs are a million times better. And it actually has a plot. Chris would probably love the show.

    • Scott Johnson

      AA man kicking in here, Adventure Time was pretty great because I love all the new setup, but the Stakes Mini-Series was quite awesome. Steven Universe is still better for me because they were better at hitting the ground running, but SU is more linear storytelling while Adventure Time is very obtuse, character-focused that layers into world building.

  • Jan

    The Knick’s not written by Steven Soderbergh, at all. Jack Amiel and Michael Bergler are the writers/showrunners.

    • Chris Cox

      Sorry, talking off the cuff. Didn’t have notes prepared for that one.

  • El Pollo Guerrera

    So, when can we expect a “worst of 2015” show? I’d like to hear Richard’s thoughts on the “Flowers in the Attic” DVD set that came out before Christmas (all 4 for $20 up here in Canada, so it’s probably cheaper in the US).

  • Corin Pritchett

    Did no one have Beast of No Nation on their list? Especially when talking about the cinematography this year I thought it was among the best films this year.

    • Travis Pickle

      me too, high on my list

  • RingedWithTile

    Nice to hear some love for The Assassin and Phoenix (even if that’s a 2014 one)

  • Bat42

    John Cusack’s character in Chi-raq is based on a real person, Father Michael Pfleger.

  • Fernando

    To add to the best of 2015 in music Kendrick’s album To Pimp a butterfly is definitely worth mentioning.

  • Neil Kelly

    Great, great show. It was awesome that you covered so much and with so many people on to throw in opinions too.

  • Santos

    Josh Hartnett, not Josh Holloway.

  • Michael Vanderpoel

    Sad that no one said Kingsman. Happy that Richard said Maggie.