Somebody Likes It Ep 59: Hüsker Dü – “Zen Arcade”

Remember that shitty song Everything Zen by Bush? Awful awful song. Well this album isn’t that. It’s like the opposite of Bush. Zen Arcade (the seminal 1984 record by Hüsker Dü) landed in our laps this week, and let’s just say it definitely wasn’t what we expected it to be. I (and the rest of those people that talk into mics on this show) had previously only been familiar with Bob Mould’s post Hüsker Dü output, and that was a world away from THIS weird-ass hardcore punk concept record. Spirited discussion of it ensued.

Hey, remember that time last week where I said I made everybody listened to Heart’s All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You? Oh yeah, that was actually this episode…OOOPS.

Next time on “Somebody Likes It”… I can’t make the show, and the discussion was finally about an album I liked: Tahiti 80’s light as air, sugary French Pop confection from 2000 Puzzle. So tune in, I certainly will, if for no other reason than to see if they talked shit about me. Bon Nuit, Shane

You catch that? I slipped a little France-y talk in at the end there. Sometimes being me is a heavy burden.


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