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Intruders Trailer Reaction

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves watching a good siege movie. If well-written and effectively paced, these types of films manage to build tension and give compelling reasons to follow the characters involved. Based on the first official trailer for Intruders, a siege/reverse siege indie-thriller, it looks like we could be getting another entertaining addition to the sub-genre.



Directed by Adam Schindler, Intruders follows Anna Rook (Beth Riesgraf), a lonely, agoraphobic young woman and her sickly brother, Conrad (Timothy McKinney). Soon after her brother passes away from pancreatic cancer, Anna is besieged by three burglars hoping to make an easy score. Though the would-be-thieves attempt to ransack her home, they quickly learn that Anna’s agoraphobia isn’t her only mental affliction, and that the house itself is more than well-equipped to gruesomely deal with intruders.

As a huge fan of siege/reverse siege films like John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 and Pete Travis’ Dredd, I’m very interested in seeing Intruders. Sure, there seems to be a certain degree of familiarity regarding the set-up, but it’s made very clear mid-way through the trailer that there is lot of grisly things in store for all the characters. I particularly like seeing the nasty little traps that the house is filled with; effectively making Anna’s abode the dark, twisted counterpart of Macaulay Culkin’s booby trapped home in Home Alone. Oh, and I’m sure the casting of a Kulkin, specifically Rory McKulkin as a concerned neighbor and delivery man, wasn’t an accident either.

Intruders will have a limited theatrical run and same-day VOD release on January 15, 2016.


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