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Highly Suspect Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Is there any sort of lead-in here that I can give that anyone requires to understand what movie I’m talking about? I didn’t think so. What I can tell you is that this is the first of two reviews our site is going to do for this anticipated film.

This, the first, is spoiler free. Which was no easy task. Chris, Richard and Ed all dove in with the dedicated intent of spoiling as little as possible. While saying that, understand that we had to give at least a bit of first act plot and character set-up description that some will certainly feel is more than they want to know until they see it. So enter with caution those of you who want to know absolutely nothing.

The second will go live at some point mid-to-late next week as we gather as many of our contributors who’ve seen it and gather them together for a big, long, spoilleriffic discussion of every damn detail of the thing. You know you want to hear both. And it certainly wouldn’t hurt for you guys to post this around your social media. The US thanks you.


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