Highly Spoilleriffic Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Chris Cox 

We threatened you with it, and now it is here: the spoiler review for the new Star Wars movie. GAWD we were dying to talk about the details here. Because, let’s face it…just like every other geek in the country we were obsessing over said details. For this one we brought out Chris, Sarah, Beau, JC, Herman and even Jason Murphy! Ok, so it gets a little bit chaotic at points, but it’s still one of the most fun reviews to record we’ve done this year. Check it out!


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21 thoughts on “Highly Spoilleriffic Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

  1. I give it 7 or 8 portions. I love the new characters and their fusion with the old, and overall, the experience is as exhilarating as expected. Caught up in its most amazing moments, I had the tears of joy flow. However, like Jason stated, the fan-service is mostly unnecessary and easily the movie’s weakest link. It was counterpointed here that it wasn’t as in your face as JJ’s Star Trek movies (both of which I mostly enjoy), but I disagree – a good chunk of the eggs, callbacks, and references were so ‘Hey, remember THIS?’, they quickly jerked me out of the moment.

    I’m also in the minority in that I dig the prequels, knowing very well how flawed they are. And while I think TFA is a stronger film than the prequels, it feels a little less of an actual Star Wars film than them. Maybe because it’s the least self-reliant of the films. It did more referring to an existing mythology as opposed to the previous sets of films which were creating a mythology. As poo-poo as the prequel trilogy might be, it was building it’s own worlds. Even though TFA is bringing some new creation to the Star Wars universe, it feels more like an outstanding fan-film that focused more on hitting fan expectations and playing it safe by keeping it familiar.

    And as silly as it sounds, not having the Fox fanfare kick it off still puts me in a dizzy.

    But in the end, it really, really is Star Wars. Flaws aside, I felt the Force. When TFA hits its (albeit expected) beats, it hits them so damn good. I absolutely love Rey, Finn, BB8 and Kylo and hope Captain Phasma and Poe get a little more fleshed out in the upcoming movies. It’ll lose its replay value over time, for sure, and I think it’ll be the ‘Episode I’ of this bunch, but I think we’re off to a good start.

  2. You guys talking about it makes me like the movie even more (so I’m like at an 8.5).
    But seriously, how they’re gonna view the movie x years from now is a point of criticism? What the movie wanted to do compared to its actual execution, without bs comparisons gives a clearer image.

  3. My problem with Rey is NOT that she’s over competent and overpowered (that thing I like), my problem is that her personality lacks any flaws and in contrast with colorful characters like Finn and Han Solo that’s makes her a bit dull for my personal tastes. You could still gave her silly aspects like Finn has and it wouldn’t undercut her cool moment in any way and would make her three dimensional.

    It’s nothing that ruined the movie for me by any stretch of imagination and I still found her very likable. I just think she could have much more interesting personality, especially if she is meant to be the main character of the trilogy. That is all.

    1. That’s….actually pretty fair. It never occurred to me that despite all of her power, yeah she is kinda one note. Finn is a bit more well-rounded. I agree though, didn’t ruin the movie, but you brought up a good point.

  4. I suspect that Rey is going to go Dark Side and Ben go Light Side. Given that her upbringing rather closely resembles that of Anakin over anyone else. She has fear and anger and thanks to Kylo most likely hate. And she has had it for longer than Anakin had when he started his Jedi training. Kylo however lacks a natural pool of such Dark Side emotion. Sure he was sent off to train with Luke but it seems less like he had the hate in him and more like he was fed a false yet appealing version of Darth Vader, one that the Force ghost of Anakin could likely tear apart. Everything about Kylo screams that he is trying to force himself into a mold he can’t truly fit, trying to drum up anger and going ballistic over small(sort of) things, the heavy helmet can’t feel good, and punching his wound. Kylo is constantly trying to utilize every ounce of pain and anger he can because he clearly doesn’t have a good natural source of it. I don’t think killing Han is going to generate the right kind of pain for him to use especially since in his last moment he still clearly loved him and accepted him as his son, something which a FG Anakin could use, because everything Anakin did was for his family.

    Also if Snoke could get his hooks into Rey he would likely drop Kylo without a second thought because she does have that natural pool.

      1. Curses! I’d been hoping to get those two prequel defenders on mic at some point. I have seen the nostalgia critic’s video about 11 good things from the prequels but hearing the scotch soaked tones of Jason and the Classy Richard are worth a listen.

  5. Out of all the new Stormtrooper’s we got, my favorite one where the Nopetrooper’s when Kylo Ren was raging at the empty torture chair.
    Now I saw it at a normal screening and got about 12 min of trailers. Was there any extra trailers for Imax?
    The movie’s about an 8.5/10 for me. The call backs were obvious but I felt it was deliberate to remind us more of the original films and get us back into that universe. I’m curious where it’ll go from here now that there’s none of the old expanded universe, and the fan baggage that would’ve come with it, isn’t weighing it down.

  6. So I still think that Finn has force sensitivity- when he is leaving with that transport he hears people screaming and looks up there was barely anyone outside the tavern at this point, and when they do show people coming out- they are silently murmuring to one another….

    Then you throw on the call to the light that was referenced twice in the film, coupled with Finns brainwashing wearing off… there is still a strong chance that he has force sensitivity.

  7. I dont think Rey is too compentent, I think the First Order and Kylo are a bunch of ninconpoops. I also dont like how Finn never reacts like he has any millitary training.

  8. Sarah asked how Rey is any different from Luke in A New Hope.

    Lukes use of Force in A New Hope:
    1. Blocking 3 shots from a training droid while blind
    2. Making a difficult shot with a torpedo.

    Rey’s use of Force in Force Awakens:
    1. Speaking multiple languages, including (but not limited to) BB-8 Droid
    instantly. Even after YEARS of being around R2-D2, Luke still needed a
    screen to know all that.
    2. Instinctual flying of the Millenium Falcon through the impossible Jakku graveyard.
    3. Hears Force calling her to Lightsaber, and then has a Force vision.
    4. Resists Kylo’s mind reading, and reads his mind.
    5. Jedi Mind Trick to escape.
    6. Lightsaber pull
    7. Use of lightsaber to defeat a trained opponent.
    8. This one’s a bit iffy…but presumably the lightsaber wouldn’t respond
    initially to Kylo Ren because she was present. Not sure if she was
    holding it there with the Force, it was refusing to respond to Kylo, or
    if it was supposed to be Kylo’s power waning.

    ONLY “use” of Force in A New Hope is passive. He opens up and allows
    the Force to flow through him, to guide his actions, and he puts his
    trust in it.

    Rey is performing tricks that Luke didn’t
    perform until Empire (Lightsaber pull) and Jedi (Jedi Mind Trick), and
    several we never saw him perform (multiple languages). Hell the whole
    mind reading thing is something I’ve never seen before in Star Wars
    lore. At most, people were able to get a sense of what others were
    feeling. Yoda was only able to “sense much fear” and “terrible
    suffering” in Anakin. Luke could only “feel the turmoil” in Vader. The
    Emperor could only “Feel [Lukes] anger!”

    Now…is this a
    problem with JUST Rey? No, absolutely not. Finn is instantly good with a
    number of weaponry including a lightsaber, despite being a janitor. Poe
    is apparently the best pilot that there has ever been. Kylo Ren can
    apparently freeze time in localized pockets and read peoples mind word
    for word. Starkiller base is like the Death Star but bigger and with
    more lasers.

    I don’t know how I feel about the term
    Mary Sue used to describe Rey. She isn’t JJ Abrams hanging out, being
    the best…but everything about this movie is JJ Abrams fantasy

  9. Jason had me laughing so hard about who poetry is for. And when Sarah asked what word did you just say I could picture the awkward looks and Sarah just crossing her arms with that I’m done look on her face.

  10. Jason had me laughing so hard about who poetry is for. And when Sarah asked what word did you just say I could picture the awkward looks and Sarah just crossing her arms with that I’m done look on her face.

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