Five and Out 118: Best Christmas Presents We’ve Received


Hoo boy, what a podcast! Wes and Steve discuss their Thanksgivings, Cyber Monday deals, and so much more before we get into their Top 5 Best Christmas Presents We’ve Received. Enjoy!

What are your Top 5 Christmas Presents You’ve Received? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!


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1 thought on “Five and Out 118: Best Christmas Presents We’ve Received”

  1. This is a fun list idea. It took me some time to think over my list but this is what I came up with.

    5 Lego Back To The Future DeLorean – and I had always been a fan of Lego and when I saw that they came out with DeLorean and I wanted it and it was what really brought me back into my love of Lego and it combined two of my favorite things and it looks so cool.

    4. Survivor Bandanna – This is kinda dorky but when I was younger, I loved watching Survivor and I always wanted to be on the show but it didn’t seem like that would ever be a possibility but I thought having a bandanna like what they wear on the show would be the next best thing and it really was as I wore it all that time for years after I got it.

    3.Back To The Future: The Complete Trilogy – Yeah, I knew that I would have BTTF appear on my list more than once. I got the complete trilogy on DVD around the time of the 20th anniversary and while I had always liked Back to The Future, it was getting on DVD and watching the films and all of the bonus content that made me the huge Back to The Future fan that I am today. And it was through these viewings that Back To The Future came to be my favorite film trilogy of all time.

    2. Burger King Woody, Buzz & RC 3 Piece Set/ Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure- This one is a bit of a tie but I cherish both of these a lot as I loved them both a lot as I was huge fan of Toy Story and the first gift was a tie-in that Burger King was doing, when the first Toy Story came out. It consisted of a Woody and Buzz doll and RC toy car that they could sit on so, that you could recreate the chase scene from the first film. I was about five at the time and I remember that the first thing I did, when I got Buzz and Woody was to write my name on their shoes because I saw Andy do it in the movie and I thought that was I supposed to do. The other gift was the toy that I really wanted when Toy Story 2 came out because it looked just like Buzz from the movie and had wings that could pop out and talk . Compared to my old Buzz toy, this thing looked awesome. And it really was. I would take that thing all around the house acting all these cool adventures with Buzz. And funnily enough, I came across him just last year as my nephew wanted to play with him and I found him and after so many years, he still worked and as I turned him on, nostalgia washed over me as memories came back.

    1.Christmas Mickey Doll – This was given to me by mom’s best friend about 3 years ago and at that time, I had never met her. And I thought nothing of it, when I first unwrapped it as I had plenty of plush Mickey’s given to me over the years but then I learned that this particular Mickey belonged to the father of mom’s best friend who had recently passed away and he too loved Mickey Mouse. And since my mom’s best friend knew that I like her father liked Mickey Mouse, she wanted to give this to me as this doll meant a lot to her. And it’s become one of my favorite things featuring Mickey Mouse that I own because of that reason alone.

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