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Diva Del Mar Recommended Crummy Day Movie List!

You’ll forgive me if I’m in a bad mood these days. My apartment  literally burned down less than a week ago, leaving absolutely all of my possessions in cinders. I lost all of my treasures and am undergoing the enormous task of refurnishing and restocking my life. From undies to dishes, my inventory has been wiped clean. And while many silver linings have revealed themselves in gloriously cathartic moments, I struggle with lots of negative thoughts.

And within these mental temper tantrums, I find myself drawn to certain films in my brain’s cinematic archive. So I decided to temporarily set aside my idea to make a Christmas movie list, for….

Diva Del Mar’s Recommended Crummy Day Movie List!!!

Falling Down

FALLING DOWN, Michael Douglas, 1993. ©Warner Bros.

This one is a no brainer. I mean what other movie takes you on such a sinfully delightful and destructive romp? William Foster, played gloriously by Michael Douglas, is just a regular man, trying to be a regular dad on his daughter’s birthday, but life keeps throwing obstacles in his way. However, our man Foster is not deterred and expresses his grievances of contemporary society using violent abandon and of course, a bazooka. He is righteously justified and powerfully armed, making this one of the best films for crummy days. Keep a copy handy for when you need to vicariously bitch slap the ironies of life.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


As a yearly tradition, I watch the extended the editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, usually if I need to recover from a stressful event. Set in the fantastical world of Middle Earth, beloved characters are forced to embrace the harsh challenges that fate lays out before them with sometimes wavering conviction.  They battle with the difficulties brought about by self-doubt, fear, and the ever-seductive temptation of power. Good guys become bad guys, bad guys play a role in saving the world, and the loyalty of loved ones keep heroes from succumbing to corruption. It’s an epic story of hope, friendship, and perseverance when all the odds seem to turn against you. If you find that your life can’t get more difficult, I dare you to watch The March of the Ents without feeling a spark of joy and wonder. The Lord of the Rings reminds you that you choose how you meet your fate, whether you give in to the darker forces of despair, or meet it with courage and loyalty.

We Need To Talk About Kevin


Let’s face it, sometimes shitty things happen and we just want to wallow in complete misery. Nothing takes you through the darkness of the human psyche like this film. Tilda Swinton was robbed during award season, if you ask me. Her performance is painfully apt and insanely brilliant. This film is a slow burn, mind-fuck through a parent’s deepest nightmare. An awesome thriller for your darkest hour, but be warned, it’s a rough ride.

Sophie’s Choice


We Need To Talk About Kevin wasn’t depressing enough for you? Need more wallowing? Let’s turn the dial up ten notches to Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice. If you can get through this movie without realizing how great your life really is, you are a certifiable, miserable son-of-a-bitch. Almost anything you are going through gets put into a frank perspective in this stark and brutal story about a mother’s angst and tragic survival. Despite the bone-deep sadness of Sophie’s story, Streep’s performance is arguably better than any other actor ever. Ever. It’s honestly the only reason I have watched this movie more than once, as I inevitably end up weeping like a baby in bed.

Fight Club


Feeling rebellious? Had a crappy day at a dead-end-job? Exhausted with the sterile mundaneness of our superficial and materialistic society? Take a crack at this contemporary classic and be glad you don’t have bitch-tits. With stellar performances from pretty much every actor involved, this cult-classic masterpiece will help you feel absolved vicariously through Tyler Durden and his fierce plan to redeem his humanity. Bloody and edgy, it rocked our brains in the late 90s and still holds water. A rainy day favorite for me!

The Lego Movie


I saved this one for last, as it is the only truly joyful movie in this list. Sometimes, you just need a film to make you happy in your hour of need. And few movies do this as well as The Lego Movie! Visually vibrant and up-beat from the first moment, you can’t help but smile as you watch. It’s a funny and smart ‘everyman’ story and holds up to multiple viewings. And, sure the entire movie is one long Legos commercial, but it proves itself to be a solid film. Turn your frown upside down. Everything is AWESOME!

Thanks for reading, and please, add your favorite crummy-day movie to the list!

Diva Del Mar


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