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Digital Noise Episode 119: Like an Ant-Man under a Magnifying Glass

Marco and Richard ring out the old year as they team up this week to deliver you the best in home release movie reviews available for any price…much less how we give it to you…FOR FREE. Long loving looks at One Eyed Girl, The Square and Jaco and some not so loving at Some Kind of Beautiful and Momentum. And then there’s the giveaway, which is some Amy Schumer goodness. You’ve absopositively got to tune into this week’s show.

Here’s the links that Richard promised on the show. Check ’em out:

phase2    unknown pleasures  hacienda

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The Square Bluray Review   RemoWilliamsBluRayReview   Momentum Bluray Review

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Knock Knock Bluray Review   Some Kind of Beautiful Bluray Review   One Eyed Girl Bluray Review

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Jaco Bluray Review   Antman Bluray Review   Minions Bluray Review

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Amy Schumer Apollo Giveaway Image

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