Digital Noise Ep 120: Triumph of Joe’s WWII Jokes


Joe and Chris are together for this last Digital Noise episode of 2015 where the reviews are served up piping hot. Come get yours now! Today on the menu we’ve got one of the best war documentaries ever made, Stalingrad covered with a light garlic butter sauce. Season three of Hannibal comes seared with a side of Pan fried Thundercrack! Our starter course includes the options of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation over a bed of mashed potatoes and Tokyo Tribe foie gras. And for dessert you could win a double blu-ray set of Bad Boys/Bad Boys II with a white truffle cream topping. Make your menu reservations now!

TokyoTribeBluRayReview   SpeedyBluRayReview   HannibalS3BluRayReview

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GirlKingBluRayReview   ThundercrackBluRayReview   MI_RogueNationBluRayReview

Empty Space

StalingradBluRayReview   TimeOutOfMindBluRayReview   ExtantSeason2BluRayReview

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TriumphOfTheWillBluRayReview   PanBluRayReview   QueenOfEarthBluRayReview

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HeistBluRayReview   DragonBladeBluRayReview   BadBoysBluRayReview


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3 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 120: Triumph of Joe’s WWII Jokes”

  1. 21:00 – so, does that mean Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson were going to turn into the Joker and Harley Quinn?
    23:55 – what did Chris think about Brian Cox’s performance as Hannibal in “Manhunter” (the Michael Mann one)?
    1:14:25 – it’s nice to hear that Gina Carano is still doing well as an actress, I actually would like to see her in a sequel to “Haywire”.

  2. I agree and disagree about season 3 of Hannibal. I agree with you in that season 3 is probably weakest. The story, for both halves, feel rushed. I disagree about the first half though. I would have loved a full season of the Italy arc. There is so much there that could have been fleshed out. Like the character of Pazzi (from what I understand, Pazzi in the book had a very interesting arc) or the relationship with Alana and Margot, or Chiyoh. I loved that the first few episodes focused on the characters (the first episode is one of my favorites). Yeah, it was slow. But i would rather have a season that drawn out with “table setting” episodes but had everything fleshed out than a season that felt rushed (like we have with season 3).

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