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Somebody Likes It Ep 56: Television – “Marquee Moon”

If you are sitting at a bar after recording a podcast, and you are trying to explain to someone what your podcast is about, Television quickly becomes a “who’s on first”. It’s really hard to tell someone what you are doing a podcast about when you say Television and you immediately have to say “the band” Television…which is weird cause nobody EVER says “television” when referencing a television, they say “T.V…

I’m pretty sure in 1977 that folks were also saying T.V. and that makes Television (the band)’s choice to name the band Television both punk-rock and anachronistic (probably what they were aiming for)…

Anyway, I wish I smoked weed cause that way I could explain that last paragraph away…

So…Kevin last minute had to fly away to some other land, and Ryan and I held it together this time…With the help of Producer Mark we, by the grace of god, did it.


NEXT TIME ON somebody likes it: UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH…bad bad bad nightmare bad…it’s called “Steely Dan”…I can’t even write “somebody likes it” in caps, cause it still hurts me…it…hurts. It…hurts…like the slow spread into your belly after getting kicked in the huevos (that means eggs in espanol, eggs meaning testes)…NEXT STOP: AWFUL TOWN.


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