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Movie BS Ep 284: “Spectre”, “Suffragette”, “Miss You Already”

0:00 – Hello; we’re not doing celebrity gossip; write us an iTunes review, why don’t you?
2:20 – SPECTRE review
14:30 – Suffragette review
21:30 – Miss You Already review (Bayer only)
24:25 – We didn’t see the Peanuts movie because the screening was on a Sunday, WTF?
25:00 – QOTW (comic strips that should be made into movies)
35:30 – A round of Character Casserole (Rambo, the Sundance Kid, and Alan from The Hangover)
46:10 – Next week’s QOTW
47:10 – What’d You Watch? (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
50:30 – Recap and goodbye
51:50 – An outtake we cut out because we were sort of embarrassed (though not very, obviously)

QOTW: Please give us suggestions for future Questions of the Week, in particular ones relating to the upcoming holidays.

SPECTRE: C+ 7/10
Suffragette: B- 8/10
Miss You Already: n/a 5/10


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