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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Night Before

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Three old friends, played by Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, have been ritually going out every Xmas eve together and partying like crazy. It became tradition the year Levitt’s parents died in a car accident and he was left all alone. 14 years later and Rogen is married and his wife is about to pop their first child, Mackie has become a sports super-star, and Levitt….is about the same, only now mourning for the one that got away, his ex (Lizzie Caplan). But the three agree on one last blow-out and with Rogen having a box full of drugs, Mackie having the sweet hookup to stuff like a limo paid for by one of his sponsors, and Levitt having come across three tickets to the mysterious party to end all parties that they’ve been searching for all these years, how could it go wrong? (spoiler: it does). All this and Michael Shannon too!

Chris and Diva get together to sing hosannas to The Night Before. Check it out.


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