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Highly Suspect Reviews: Spectre

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Daniel Craig returns for the fourth time as super-spy James Bond in the film that finally returns the evil organization SPECTRE to the franchise…and NO ONE is more excited about it than Brian Salisbury who joins Chris and Sarah on this review.

WARNING: There are spoilers.


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Born in the wilds of northern Virginia, in 1992 Chris managed to put all of his survival skills to use and barely escaped with his life to Austin Texas, where ever since he’s dabbled in everything from plumber’s assistant to sandwich maker, from band to bar management. An opportunity to see theatrical release films for free, by becoming a critic on a local public access show called “The Reel Deal”, turned into a full time job when Chris and his friends decided to take it to the internet. They built the site Spill.com, adding multiple podcasts and animated features, to no small amount of success. During this time, a fortuitous friendship sprung up between Chris and young Brian Salisbury, who was also a local film critic, and they merged their forces of will, and their laundry list of ideas for shows, to eventually build this paradise you see before you.

  • dark knight fan

    The thing I really want to know, does someone called James Bond a commander?

    • AlbinoAssassin

      Not since the reboot. Granted, he hasn’t been at sea or in a military like environment within his own government other than MI6 Perhaps the opportunity hasn’t occurred yet.

  • dark knight fan

    Hey where is Richard? Can’t review a Bond movie, without the British guy.

  • I definitely agree it wasn’t as bad as others are saying. I think the whole first reel is great, just the rest of the movie has a lot of shakiness to it.

  • Shadow of Cronus

    Guys show some restraint… please.

    Being a womanizer and having sex for the sake of sex is not inherently rapey
    or misogynistic, misogyny is nothing less than having hate and malice
    towards virtually all women.
    At worst, being interested in women only for sex makes you indifferent to them otherwise, not hateful.

    If you start demonizing men seeking sex for sex sake, your demonizing
    human nature. Men don’t owe women a emotional connection and
    relationship anymore than women owe men sex which is to say, it’s not
    owed at all.

    To be clear I’m not saying Bond hasn’t been rapey before, as Connery was
    for sure at least twice in memory and Korey & Martin Thomas’s
    description of Craig’s scene with Monica after her husband’s funeral
    sounds pretty bad too.

    But Cyrus you said the Dalton films where a exception, agreed but their was no point in the Brosnan films that he become creepy or predatory and
    most importantly forceful with any of the non villainous women of said
    films ether.

    And in Goldeneye Judi’s comments had nothing to do with his sex life, her
    comment was a reaction to him being skeptical of her being fit for being the new M, she assumed he was skeptical because of her gender but the
    evidence suggest it was as he said “she is just a bean counter” or
    accountant, ala she doesn’t have the experience for this position and
    little to do with her being a Woman.

    If the Brosnan Bond was inherently skeptical of all women in positions of
    power then his relationship with the Chinese Agent in Tomorrow never
    dies would have been less equal and respectful then it was.

    • Brian_Salisbury

      She called him a “SEXIST MISOGYNIST dinosaur,” if you don’t think that harbors any reference to his sex life then you don’t know what those words mean.

      Also, I love how “show some restraint” is being substituted for, “conform to my view of sexual politics.”


      • Shadow of Cronus

        Maybe it refers to it in a meta sense, but not in the context of the scene IMO.

        I absolutely am not asking you to conform to my view of sexual politics, I’m asking you not to basically say to your listeners if you seek out sexual partners just for sex and nothing more then you inherently hate the female gender.

        • Ryan Naughton

          I’ll just leave this quote from Daniel Craig here:

          “But let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist. A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.”

          • Shadow of Cronus

            He is agreeing with the loud opinions as to not risk harming his career, or maybe he does actually believe that insanity.

            Doesn’t make it true, there factually is nothing hateful in the act of having sex and not wanting a relationship or a emotional connection. Misogyny is nothing less than holding pure hatred towards all women.

            Bond is sexist at times, not a misogynist, there is a big difference, feminist and sjw’s desperately need to stop confusing the two.

            Sexism is acting differently towards a certain gender because of your perceptions or interest in them. Those perceptions/interest may not

            inherently be negative or harmful but they could still be considered sexism.

            Misogyny/Misandry is having malice towards/holding hateful inherently harmful prejudice against the other gender.

            Bond’s life is dangerous to women around him, that doesn’t mean HE is a danger to them.

          • Ryan Naughton

            Or perhaps he’s giving insight into how he approaches Bond.

            Also you do realize your taking umbrage with what is essentially 1.0943% of the overall review?

        • Mr_Plainview

          Daniel Craig also said this about Bond:

          “Hopefully, my Bond is not as sexist and misogynistic as [earlier
          incarnations]. The world has changed. I am certainly not that person.
          But he is…,”

  • Sean Saffari

    Sarah is fucking hilarious.

    • Rock-X

      suuure she was.

  • Ah yes, Quantum of Solace.

    Famously referred to by Mark Kermode as “Question of Sport”, because nobody knew what the hell was going on.

    It’s quite interesting that almost all the U.S reviews I’ve heard for Spectre have panned it quite sharply, a very stark contrast to the praise it has been getting from reviewers I love across the pond.

    I really do wish Sarah would stop interrupting, alot of the stuff Brian mentions is great trivia for Bond fans and helps implacably to set the table for this movie.

  • Mr_Plainview

    9:26……..SPECTRE is HYDRA!!!!

  • Ric John Manalastas

    It’s always good to be in the minority (or what Chris or Elliott once said “Part of a losing team”) of a film that’s considered ‘sub-par’. Quantum of Solace I’ll put alongside Casino Royale as a double-feature of the origins of the rebooted Bond taking on villains and there real-world plots.

  • AlbinoAssassin

    It certainly isn’t the worst Craig, but I’m as crazy a Bond fan as Brian or the guys on the James Bonding podcast and even I came out a little crestfallen. I don’t think it was just the bulb in your theater. The cinematography on this is beautiful, but in a cold way that lacks a certain energy. Skywalk takes that same approach, but the use of light infuses energy into the frame (Pretty much all of Shangri and Macau) and propels the scene forward with mood and contrasting tones. This film rarely does that, often muting the tone of the shot and holding back what is otherwise a well composed film from a cinematography standpoint. The script just seems like another QoS all over again with to many cooks in the kitchen and deadlines forcing major changes. Say what you will about Skyfall, but the reason both it and Casino Royale both succeed is due to there being a unified vision behind the camera. Specter just doesn’t have that. Of course after all that I still enjoyed the film. Its just frustrating to see them get really close to something great here and fall more than a little short………(steps down from soapbox)
    P.S. While I don’t have a neck beard, I am the guy who chuckled at the title of the safe house they visited in the third act. Thanks for that Sam.

    • *Shanghai not Shangri. Hometown repping!
      I agree that Van Hoytema’s work lacks the warmth of Deakins. No comparison.

      • AlbinoAssassin

        Damn it, how did I butcher the spelling like that? I blame it on being three in the morning and four vespers in when I wrote this.

  • Bat42

    Longest final thoughts ever.


  • AlbinoAssassin

    Sarah, we see Bond’s flat in Live and Let Die, but we haven’t seen it in any of the newer films.

  • rickdidaz

    It’s better than Quantum of Solance because of the action scenes, but that is about it.

  • Travis Pickle

    Spectre was fun as fuck! fell apart like wet tissue once I was out, it’s half an hour too long but there’s some badass fights, stunts and torture and a dozen laugh out loud moments. 7/10

  • I actually liked Spectre a lot; I don’t love it as much as Skyfall, but I very much liked it. Yeah, it does get silly at points, for sure, and some parts were kind of predictable, but Daniel Craig being a bad***, Christoph Waltz being such genius casting for the villain, the action sequences, and even aspects of the story that I really dug more than made up for that. Also, I thought the Sam Smith song was great. I’m mixed on Casino Royale, but Spectre actually made me appreciate the former film more by tying that and Skyfall together (Quantum of Solace was bad, IMO, but the fact even that film was tied into this film was just a take-it-or-leave-it situation because QoS was barely referenced and rightfully so). While this film would be fitting for a final film in the Daniel Craig series, I’m still looking forward to the follow-up Bond film with Craig as 007 especially knowing that Christoph Waltz will come back if Craig comes back.