Highly Suspect Reviews: 99 Homes

I wouldn’t have been able to predict that a film about the banks illegally foreclosing on homes would be one of the most tense and frightening films of the year, but…oh wait, Michael Shannon stars in it. There ya go.

Andrew Garfield is just trying to save his family home but at every turn, he’s lied to, told contradictory things, having blockades put up, and before you know it…BANG, there’s Michael Shannon at his door with cops saying, “GET OUT”. At the end of his rope and running out of ideas of how to support his family, he goes to confront the company and people who forcibly moved him out only to be offered construction work for big pay and little work by Shannon. Slowly seduced into first a moral grey area then, just plain moral bankruptcy, 99 Homes is a look at one man’s soul disappearing. Chris, Beau and Sarah weigh in…


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