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Somebody Likes It Ep 52: Father John Misty – “I Love You Honey Bear”

I feel like I want to…NEED TO…say something about how I felt about this album…but Chris Cox has told me that when I am doing these write-ups to keep it in my pants…so I won’t say anything about this record…I might have told you that it is the best god-damned thing I’ve heard in years…that it marries Josh Tillman’s incredible gift for melodies, crazy ass lyrics, and brilliantly over the top production in a way that somehow is even better than his 2012 album “Fear, Fun”. I might have said that listening to it makes me want to run outside, climb on my roof, and yell at the world that the world (at least my neighbors that are probably calling the cops on me already) is seriously losing the heck out if they (the world) haven’t heard this album…but I won’t do that. (Editor’s Note: You have completely failed in your mission, Shane)

Instead, I will say that this week we discuss Father John Misty’s 2015 record “I Love You Honeybear” and we all had opinions.

Next week: Doves. The band, not the shit people release at weddings and funerals. Are doves and pigeons like the same thing, just some are white and not homeless? Shut up Shane you are an idiot. See you in a week,



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