Somebody Likes It Ep 51: The Darling Buds – Crawdaddy

If you had told 17 year old Shane that he would barely even remember who The Darling Buds were 20 years later, I’m sure he would have just tried to get you to buy him beer…

Kevin…or Keving, as I originally wrote (pretty sure that’s his AD&D Paladin character…look, if you people are unhappy with my bullshit “funny-pants” routine then fire me), took the week off because he was busy feeding his family getting a new job and visiting Chicago (that’s the most exciting excuse I could come up with), so we had perennial fave guest Matthew Munoz jump in at the last minute…He suggested we talk about The Darling Buds – Crawdaddy.

It was a solid nostalgic record. Pretty much the consensus was “Oh Yeah! I remember that band!”

Next Week: Kevin returns. We listen to music. I try not to get hit in the face cause I act like a 7 year old (Offer still stands, you are welcome to write these things)…To quote Shirley Temple “On the good ship lolly-pop”



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