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Movie BS Ep 276: ‘The Visit,’ ‘Seven Chinese Brothers,’ Pitch Me

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0:00-2:45 – We say hello, and Eric negs Jeff’s improv attempts
2:45-4:45 – The movies we didn’t see
4:45-17:00 – The Visit review
17:00-19:20 – Seven Chinese Brothers review (Bayer only)
19:20-29:50 – QOTW (favorite Wes Craven moments), ending with Jeff realizing how he has traumatized Dylan
29:50-39:00 – A round of Pitch Me
39:00-41:00 – The end of the show, really, with a little other blather

QOTW: In honor of Everest, what’s a man-vs-nature story that hasn’t been done yet (or not often enough, anyway)?

The Visit B- 6/10
Seven Chinese Brothers n/a 6/10


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