Infestation: Fantastic Fest 2015 Round 2

  • Chris Cox 

We are now reporting to you live (sort of) from this year’s Fantastic Fest, the best and biggest genre film festival in the world right here in the galaxy’s capitol, Austin Texas. More specifically, at the Alamo Drafthouse. Today we got Chris, Brian, Diva, Richard and Jason Neulander together to talk about some of the crazed cinema they’ve been experiencing…



Zoe Bell is a war photographer who finds herself on the run from her subjects when their leader (Nacho Vigalondo) catches her photographing something he doesn’t want seen.



In Turkey, a group of police officers find themselves on a late night call to, well, hell.



A volunteer doctor in Cambodia makes a awful decision and ends up on the run.



A student working on a project takes a room in a bunker that is owned by a VERY strange family, one of whom appears to have a talking leg.



Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones and John C. Reilly all star in this dark fantasy anthology from the director of Gomorrah.



An assassin is punished for failing to complete her mission by being ordered to kill her lover to steel her against sentimentality.



This single-shot heist film tells the story of a young girl from Madrid who befriends a four Berlin locals who all end up by the end of the night pulling a bank job together.

4 thoughts on “Infestation: Fantastic Fest 2015 Round 2”

  1. Really enjoy listening to you guys do the blow by blow for FF (phrasing) so thank you for that:
    – kudos to Bryan. Whichever hipster shithead put the FF programme together clearly didn’t even do a google check because Taiwan is a separate country to China (PRC)
    – i really don’t pay a huge amount of attention to Sentiment amongst festival audiences. It says a lot that ‘The Assassin’ was a contender for the general audience award at Cannes and yet did so poorly in Austin (a lot of it I think is as Jason pointed out cultural context). I also kind of resent Diva’s comment about fight scenes being the main thing viewers care about in wuxia films. For me Hou Xiao Xian’s latest was fairly good, attempting the same sort of cinema verite that a lot of Asian filmmakers have been going after of late. Then again I enjoy most things that Shu Qi (the titular assassin) is in.
    – baskin is a combination of The Raid & Hellraiser? Sign me up!

  2. Michael-Orian Bockus

    If you have a flag you’re a country? You just made a lot of Quebec separatist happy. Well you would have if they didn’t hate the English language

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