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Infestation: Fantastic Fest 2015 Round 1

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Finding time the first weekend of Fantastic Fest to get multiple people together to record their opinions on what they’ve seen is not entirely unlike herding cats, but we’re less adorable and more smelly. Nonetheless we made it happen. Chris, Richard and JC got together in one of the Alamo Drafthouse‘s private karaoke rooms to sing the praises of what they’d seen so far.



The director of Harry Brown brings us to the world of three women, abandoned by their patriarch (who is probably dead in the Civil War) who have to fight off two union soldiers who are stopping by for more than scones and tea.



Evil stuff seems to be terrifying/possessing some girls left over Xmas break at their private school.



A woman gets handed off the keys to caretake a gigantic, old, and creepy house and after being told the previous caretaker killed themselves, she is left to her own devices. As she explores the estate and time passes, she starts to lose control.



The legendary Takashi Miike returns to the style of his earlier films with this bat-shit crazy tale of yakuza vampires, giant frog-suited god-men, and lots of bloody battles.

We also discuss the japanese documentary about a disabled wrestling league called Doglegs and the doc about the history of the Turkish film industry (which is kind of insane), Remake, Remix, Rip-Off.

Stay tuned as more Fantastic Fest reviews are coming very soon!


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