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Fantastic Fest 2015 (or “How I Learned to Make Peace with Missing a Few Scheduled Shows and Just Enjoy the Fest)

This week in Austin Texas the biggest and best genre film festival in the world is going down and fully most of the crew from are at it. Now, this means that you’re going to be getting some great recordings of us talking about some truly insane, inspired and imaginative films to put on your radar. But it also means that some of our regular shows are taking a week off.

So no worries, everything will be back the week after the fest, including The Original Gentlemen, for which I’m trying to put together something special-ish. In the meantime, prepare for us talking about FF films like Takashi Miike’s bat-shit crazy (awesome) Yakuza Apocalypse, the intensely dark western The Keeping Room, The two-hour plus single shot heist film Victoria and a whole bunch more. Stay tuned, I gotta go get some drunk reviewers corralled long enough to tell you about some of the stuff.



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