Digital Noise Ep 110: Joe Wouldn’t Know About That


Welcome to episode 110 of the best home release review show on the planet, Digital Noise. We’re a bit out of breath this week….lots of titles to cover, not a lot of time to do it as Fantastic Fest looms menacingly over our schedules, but we sure go into it with enthusiasm, covering Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, Entourage: The Movie, The Flash Season One…and so much more.

Gemma-Bovery Misery-Loves-Comedy Furious-7Closer-to-the-Moon- The-Big-Picture The-Seven-FiveSpaced-Invaders nightingale _Saint-Laurent_Results Entourage--The-Movie- Avengers--Age-of-Ultron_Avatar--The-Last-Airbender-The-Complete-Series The-Last-Man-on-Earth-Season-1 Haven-Season-5-Volume-1 Supernatural-Season-10 The-Jinx The-Flash-Season-1 Arrow-Season-3 i_zombie Salad-Days--A-Decade-of-Punk-in-Washington-DC


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10 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 110: Joe Wouldn’t Know About That”

  1. You're Not My Supervisor

    I definitely would not describe Robert Durst as a normal guy. I found him incredibly fascinating and creepy.

  2. The Flash pleased me in more places than one. The Flash is what I’d say is my favorite hero overall behind Batman. I adore The Flash be it, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, or my man, Wally West. The Flash season 1 fully embraced itself for what is was and is. It reminded so much about why I love the comics, mainly Mark Waid and Geoff Johns’ runs and Grant Gustin to me gets what Barry Allen is and I can’t help but see him fully as Barry. He was incredible in brining the character across and had so much wonderful range. The whole cast I thought really was incredible, despite my problems with Iris who certainly got better in the second half of the episode and started feeling a bit like the Iris I know and love. Even doing right by so many of the DC characters they introduce from Flash’s Rogues Gallery and DC canon itself.

    The Flash is the best superhero/comic book on TV tied with Daredevil to me. The Flash just makes me happy and it handles both the lighter and darker parts of its narrative as well. The Flash is amazing, I just can’t help but love it. I’m overly excited for season 2!

    Arrow season 3 I felt was a bit of a step down despite the good of it. Season 3 actually has my favorite episode of the entire run, but things bugged me such as the degression of Felicity. They didn’t do right by her. Stephen Amell still kills it and I though John Barrowman was excellent, but there were so much narrative decisions and pacing problems that bugged the fuck out of me.

    The crossovers on both shows are great. Loved those.

  3. I pray they do NOT make Arrow as light as The Flash. Flash just does nothing for me as a character (too tongue in cheek I guess). While both Arrow and the Flash have some very questionable writing I prefer the darkness of Arrow more as I find that more entertaining to watch. I will admit Arrow lost me in season 3 but season two had me. The whole I don’t kill people idea should just stay on the Flash because I don’t buy that Heroes don’t kill ideology.

  4. Thanks for the info on “Avatar”. I was going to buy this set because I assumed it was finally arriving on Blu-ray… how disappointing.

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