Digital Noise Ep 107: Imperator Joeiosa


Join Joe and Chris as they travel down the dusty road into the long, long ago (or is it far, far future?) to review all the best and worst of the week’s Blu-ray and DVD releases.

From Gotham and The Walking Dead to Mad Max and Citizen Four, we give you the deep dish on delights and disasters for your possible viewing enjoyment. Oh yeah, and you can win a copy of The Last Dragon on Blu-ray!

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30 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 107: Imperator Joeiosa”

  1. You're Not My Supervisor

    I don’t think you guys are giving Fury Road and George Miller enough credit. The movie definitely has higher aspirations than to just entertain you. Eve Ensler, the author of the Vagina Monologues was brought on to help with the script the movie definitely has a feminism message. We might not get tons of exposition or flashbacks, but that’s what sets it apart. Think of the scene of Max and the sniper rifle, he misses twice Furiosa takes the gun uses Max to brace herself and makes the shot. A really simple short scene, but think of how many other movies would have had some bickering between them or explanation to justify why she was able to make the shot.

    1. I agree, I think it is trying to say something because they put in so much effort not to. And it is so much more feminist than most other blockbusters out there because of how women play such a prominent role, even the five wives get to do things. You can certainly make the assumptions there with the “Who killed the world?” plot and Nux’s revelation of not appeasing his deity and his religion (Immortan Joe). It boils down to how well these characters are written, as simple and bare-bones as their dialogue and purposes are. it’s brilliant in it’s simplicity because everyone is so well directed.

      1. You're Not My Supervisor

        It’s honestly closer to being an arthouse movie than a standard action blockbuster. Post apocalyptic arthouse action is about right.

  2. While by no means a canon queen, I hated Gotham season 1. I agree about changes and such and found the pilot actually good and really promising, but the series as a whole is a mess.

    There’s really great things like Robin Lord Taylor who is amazing and I also really like Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, and Morena Baccarin, but the biggest problem is that it can’t decide what it is. Its a tonal mess from being so outrageous with some of the Batman mythos to trying to adhere to more of the Nolanverse. Its at constant odd with itself.

    Fish Mooney was good at first, but then just fucks off the story into a subplot that felt so out of place and yeah I can’t stand this version of Selina Kyle a lot. She’s just grating on my nerves with every scene. It never really finds footing and while there are episodes I legitimately enjoy and think it has itself together, it just loses said footing the next week. Barbara being especially horrible all over and dropped until the writers remembered to put her in at the end of the season for another awful storyline that was given graces of good by the actors I actually enjoy.

    Again I can see why someone might enjoy Gotham since there is plenty of good in there, but its a complete hot mess to me and the only reason I kept going was a review commitment to my radio show for season one, that looks like will carry over to season two. I hope it gets good again because I don’t know if I can stand another Gotham season 1.

    1. It seems like we feel the same about the show only I think the good stuff is more than enough to make the show worth watching and the bad stuff feels more like pretty typical growing pains for a first season show of this type.

      1. I would agree with some of these points, but if it wants to stop being a hot mess it has to have a more clear vision of its goals and narrative path…and chuck everything related to female characters in the story so far. All of it was awful.

      2. I think that might be true. The bad stuff to me was really bad and the good could barely make it tolerable as much as I really liked the good stuff. The tonal inconsistency, Chris is what really stood out every week to me and honestly shaped the season for me personally. It just never balanced itself out and that’s why I dread reviewing season 2 thanks to my own listeners loving my hate reviews. I hope it can get better in season 2 as well, I would love to hopefully enjoy this.

  3. I actually liked Scorpion. Of course, save for Under The Dome, Extant, and all of their sitcoms, I find CBS shows to be enjoyable. Along with The CW, the channel excels at guilty pleasures. Hell, I’m even liking Zoo, for fuck’s sake.

    1. If you liked Scorpion and didn’t like Mr Robot, we definitely are coming from totally different places in our TV watching.

      1. I wanted to like Mr. Robot, but it’s never really lived up to the promise of the pilot. My biggest problem is that Elliot is the only character that I care about. The most recent episodes were showing improvement, but then I heard bad things about the finale and haven’t watched it yet.

        As for Scorpion, asides from the true story crap, I find it to be an entertaining program. Admittedly, though, I would probably want to tear my hair out if I had to watch the entire season in one sitting because it is pretty damn silly.

  4. Oh, and since you mentioned Mr. Robot, I’m on the negative side with that. It started off great, but quickly went downhill. It just tries way too hard to be artistic. The only saving graces are the performances of Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

  5. Chris you crack me the fuck up! – ”Old, fat, Gerard Depardieu’s balls are the size of my head!” LMFAO!

  6. Prefacing this by saving I haven’t watched Season 2 since it aired.

    I remember my problems with Season 2 of The Walking Dead not being that the characters kept espousing their beliefs, but that their supposed beliefs kept changing from episode to episode. One character would say that this was how they felt about things yet a few episodes later would say something completely different without anything happening to them to change their minds. It seemed like the writers weren’t talking to each other from episode to episode. This combined with the extended stay on the farm (because AMC cut the budget for some reason) really strained any enjoyment I was deriving from watching it.

    Yet, I kept watching all the way until the episode before the Mid-Season 4 finale. I found I just didn’t care anymore. The show kept fluctuating in quality so much that I decided to devote my attention to shows that maintained their quality. I keep saying I might return to the show if it ever maintains without taking a dip, but so far I’ve been told it hasn’t.

    Too much other great stuff to spend my time on rather than something that’s just pretty good.

  7. I’ve gotta say I’m getting sick of hearing people say Fury Road is nothing but practical effects with no cgi cos it’s just not true. I give the movie props for shooting most of it’s crazy stunts for real but there are tons and TONS of shots in those scenes that have clearly been souped up with cgi trickery after the fact (objects flying towards the screen, bodies flying through the air, etc etc), not to mention the other cgi throughout the movie (Max’s hallucinations for example, or the cgi lizard in the first 10 seconds of the goddamn movie).When I finally saw the film I was shocked at how much cgi there was and felt completely mislead cos film critics are either a) so desperate for a practical effects saviour that they are willing to lie/ignore the truth or b) need to get their goddamn eyes tested.

    1. You're Not My Supervisor

      Did you see that video Why cgi sucks (except it doesn’t)? That was the mic drop of the cgi debate.

  8. Okay, this thing is 5 days old now. I feel that I’m justified in complaining about there being no time stamps at this point.

  9. I may give Gotham an honest try now, because I’ve heard nothing but bad things.

    I thought Walking Dead was good this past season. A few misteps, not perfect, but it felt redeeming.

    Glad to hear Skin Trade is a fun time. I picked it up because of the cast alone, but haven’t watched it yet.

    Considering the very, very opening of Mad Max they listed Hardy and Theron as Max and Furiosa, so no surprise over the names. There was a lot of practical stuff, but more CG stuff than you think. Most of the scenes that had the huge car parties were actually only a few cars and the others were added in post. Regardless, AWESOME movie.

  10. Jean-François Martel

    Arthritic psoriasis is a real thing and i am so thankful i don’t have it, it’s basically psoriasis but on your joints. i’ll take the eternal dandruff over that, thank you very much.

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