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Trailer Review: Deadpool

Grab the chimichangas and get ready for some breaking of the fourth wall. Deadpool, the upcoming Marvel Comics adaptation by 20th Century Fox has released its trailer. The film features Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, a cancer ridden mercenary who receives treatment in the form of voluntary mutation experimentation. However, the experiment goes wrong, leaving Wade with a rapid healing ability, horrible facial scares and a psychosis in the form of a looney personality & the self awareness to realize he’s in a superhero comic book movie. This is a similar, albeit slightly shorter trailer to the one that leaked a few weeks ago out of San Diego Comic Con, but has now been released in full HD by 20th Century. View it for all the NSFW glory below;


In the wake of the dark & gritty DC comic book adaptations and the energetically bright Marvel Cinematic Universe properties, this feels like a nice change of pace. Sure, there’s always room for the more traditional superhero film faire, but Deadpool is a special case; he’s a vulgar crazy killer with a fourth wall breaking sense of humor that hasn’t been seen cinematically before. Reynolds appears to be embracing the comedic gymnastics of the character, hopping around like a gore hound version of Bugs Bunny in this trailer. It’s a faithful depiction of the character and could result in another Kingsman style success for 20th Century Fox if The Merc With the Mouth catches on with mainstream audiences.

The film also looks to be set within Fox’s Marvel universe. We see glimpses of characters like Colossus and Angel Dust that firmly fit into the mutant filled world of the X-Men franchise. We even see Wilson go into the same Weapon X program that gave Wolverine to his powers at the beginning of this trailer. Of course, the film will likely avoid the actions of the much reviled X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That being said, we’ll probably get Deadpool directly referencing how he was royally botched in that earlier stab at his character. Perhaps we could even get a small appearance by Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine for Deadpool to bounce off of and make all the Broadway performer jokes he can. I mean, if he can call out the horrendous animated green suit of Reynolds’ own Green Lantern fiasco, anything could be possible.

The film is set for release on February 12th 2016. As a bonus, here’s the trailer for the trailer released the day before this dropped. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend watching such a tease, but it’s a short & effective look at the character that’s appropriately aware & tongue in cheek. Trailers for trailers should take note;



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