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Somebody Likes It: Ep 50: Stone Roses-Second Coming

“So”, as Kevin Newsum, (and let’s face it, Shane Bartell) is “so” fond of saying, we didn’t record an episode of “Somebody Likes It” last week. Instead Ryan and I recorded this together (not Kevin because he was being a grown-up somewhere, and not Producer Mark because he was…being lazy (I guess?) taking a break from making us idiots sound less like idiots, spending a Tuesday night with his lovely wife and lovely children and not shoved into a garage being a grown-up with “Adult Men” that are, let’s face it, less adult every god-damned week we record this freaking show? Wait, were was I?)

Oh yeah, Ryan and I took a Tuesday night to join Chris and Brian (our podcast overlords) to watch the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. That was fun. Way more fun than Ryan and I thought the movie wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….oh wait, just woke up from the nap I was taking during the last hour of this TWO AND A HALF HOUR LONG MOVIE. Can somebody explain to me how you make an AIDS death, the beginning of Gansta Rap, Los Angeles and its crazy racial politics circa 1991, and a jew purportedly stealing money from young black men the snooze fest of the summer? Also, apparently I’m in the wrong here, because in the 2 weeks since we watched Straight Outta Compton it has become the run-away hit of 2015. I guess while I was napping, some other people found time to love this film.

Anyway, our take on this movie is all over at “Highly Suspect Reviews”, and I have to say, after listening to Ryan and I on the show, I truly understand where that title comes from

Now…onto the actual episode…

ASK…and ye shall receive! (borrowed, nay, stolen from Michael Jordan or some other important athlete I’m pretty sure). We finally got around to answering the question, “So, what’s the chance you look up from your collective 4 navels for half a second, and listen to a record that a member of the unwashed masses thinks might be an interesting listen”?

Well what WOULD happen if we hypothetically did that? I’ll tell you what would happen. WE DID IT! Cue the bad-ass music (probably Danger Zone-Kenny Loggins) and insert unrelenting motorcycle revving noises here! We listened to the listener suggested “Stone Roses-Second Coming” with a bona-fide “Stone Roses-Second Coming” fan, and it kicked out the proverbial jams (even if not all of us thought the album kicked out the proverbial jams). So credit where credit is due… Nicholas Collier thanks for poking this particular lazy bear in the ribs. Let’s just say we didn’t all agree on our opinion of it, but we did all agree that Chad Swiatecki is a great guest and we need to get his ass back on our show more often.



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