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Somebody Likes It: Ep 49: Noel Galllagher-Chasing Yesterday

Remember the first time you asked yourself “What the fuck is a Wonderwall”? Cause you heard that song by Oasis, and had no idea what the hell Liam Gallagher was yelling about? At one time Wonderwall was a cultural touchstone pretty much on par with the Kennedy Assassination, and the Challenger Explosion, but I feel like we as a country have pretty much forgotten that. And that’s shameful. Shame on us.

Well, as it turns out, Noel Gallagher, the bloke (nailed it) that wrote it, still remembers it. In fact the opening track of Chasing Yesterday the newest release by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, makes sure you know that. Gallagher has never been afraid of “cribbing”, “borrowing” “stealing” melodies and turning them into great new songs, and it’s pretty bad-ass to see him use his proclivities for that type of stuff as he cribs from himself. I’ll spare you my feelings on this record until you listen to this episode (hint:great record) because as Chris Cox (one of the Godfathers) has told me, if you give the milk away for free, nobody will want to buy the cow. I’m not actually sure that he put it that way, as we were up late drinking at Nomad Bar, but I feel like it was something along those lines. But everybody didn’t agree with my assessment of Chasing Yesterday, so what the hell, have some free milk.

Ryan gave us the gift of Aldo Nova’s Fantasy (Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?) for our A Few MInutes With segment. It’s an incredibly entertaining mid 80’s video. Let’s just say there are guitars that are also laser guns. AND Aldo Nova is a dude, not a band name?! Also, he co-wrote Blaze of Glory with Jon Bon Jovi.

Wrapped it up with Tempest rapping about how you can barely get a retail job even with a degree.


Next Week: We finally do a show based on a listener suggestion! Stone Roses Second Coming. I’ll just suggest that the title’s hubris is just that. Hubris (some more free milk)…See you in 7, Shane


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