Highly Suspect Reviews: The Gift

Joel Edgerton is Gordo, a lonely, somewhat socially awkward man who runs into a old high school acquaintance (Jason Bateman) and his wife (Rebecca Hall) who’ve just moved back to California. Gordo just wants to be friends. Bateman seems reticent. Turns out there was some old friction there and Bateman, becoming gradually more suspicious of Gordo’s gestures of friendship, just wants him to go away. Gordo doesn’t take no for an answer very easily.

What looked like another standard stalker horror turns out to be, surprisingly, so much more, as Edgerton scores a solid hit with his directorial debut. Listen to Beau, Sarah, Chris and Joe¬†don’t all agree but you’ll be surprised to hear what they have to say about this film.

WARNING: Somewhat spoilery review


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