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Episode Movie BS 273: ‘American Ultra,’ ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,’ ‘Tangerine,’ ‘Once I Was a Beehive,’ ‘Listen to Me, Marlon,’ ‘The Gift’

0:00-1:45 – Hello! We’re back! We’ll never leave you again!
1:45-5:30 – An update on the Bayers’ imminent return to Portland
5:30-6:15 – There were screening conflicts (again), so we had to choose
6:15-14:40 – American Ultra review
14:40-17:50 – The Man from U.N.C.L.E. review (Bayer only)
17:50-24:10 – Tangerine review
24:10-28:30 – Once I Was a Beehive review (Snider only)
28:30-36:35 – Listen to Me, Marlon review (Bayer only), with discussion of how other stars might fall the way Brando did
36:35-39:10 – The Gift review (Snider only)
39:10-42:00 – Question of the Week for next week
42:00-47:05 – The final update on the Summer Box Office Challenge
47:05-49:00 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What 2nd film in a series was the most improved over the 1st?

American Ultra: C+ 7/10
The Man from UNCLE: n/a 8/10
Tangerine: B+ 5/10
Once I Was a Beehive: B+ n/a
Listen to Me, Marlon: n/a 8/10
The Gift: B- n/a


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