Digital Noise Episode 106: Last Dragons & William Castles


Johnny and Brian are off on a mythic quest this week! These two Nomads venture to a Strangerland than they’ve ever seen before where Monster Mayhem has taken hold! Luckily, in their suits of critical armor, they are certainly Dressed to Kill. Good thing too, as they encounter The Last Dragon in an effort to save The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared! Finally, they arrive at their destination: William Castle.

And don’t worry about their venturing too far, this is after all…a Couch Trip.

Come on, were you expecting like…not puns?

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26 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 106: Last Dragons & William Castles”

        1. I am not encyclopedic about James Bond. I like him enough, but not a real dedicated fan. The problem with JB movies is that they can only be compared to other JB movies. They go through eras good and bad.

            1. Of course! I just, honestly, I never have any idea what has been going on in the last few. Since Daniel Craig took over. The job of the secret agent seems to have become – remain a secret. I liked the Roger Moore movies more than Connery because I saw them in theaters. I like Diamonds are Forever because it is a 70’s acid movie, with Jimmie Dean and those two fighting glamazons in that awesome desert house, and the whe movie was sort of ripped off from a Gerry Anderson pitch, and it completely shows with what a weird, hardware puppet show it is, moon buggy, two wandering hit men, Vegas. And I love Doctor No because while remaining a small scale movie it sets the future stage with having Ursula Andres as Honey Rider. I have seen more of the movies than I remember, but my favorite thing about James Bond is found in individual scenes more than in movies. Even Goldfinger, as great as that movie is, from the theme song to the ejector seat, has a lame ending – except for Goldfinger being sucked out of the window, that was cool. But all those chicks acting asleep? The big fake-out? That was corny. My Spy-Vibe movies are more Euro, with Danger: Diabolik and The 10th Victim at the top of my faves. The Dean Martin Matt Helm movies ware fun and sexy, and I always liked those more than JB, bumper to bumper. The super spy thing has to be a little bit campy and nostalgic to work for me. Even Skyfall, my favorite part was the opening credits sequence. It was like being immersed in a Magritte painting.

      1. Are you mixing up Blow Up and Blow Out?

        Jumping from Blow OUT to Red Desert might be a little… jarring?

  1. NOMADS? Man I want more Junkfood Cinema crossovers with Digital Noise. THEY NEVER STOP MOVING! THEY’RE NOMADS… Nomads…

  2. How much do I love The Last Dragon? The answer would be A LOT! I grew up with it and might have been the first martial arts I saw as a child. They filmed a lot of this around my area, too.

    I got to meet Taimak 2 years ago at a buddy’s wrestling show (long story) and I got him to sign my DVD. He’s one of the nicest fucking guys you’ll ever meet. He’s very sincere and just happy and it was infectious.

    I can’t wait to buy the Blu-Ray and take it with me to New York Comic Con and meet him again.

  3. Oh god Dressed to Kill scared the crap out of me. I was genuinely looking over my shoulder after I finished watching. Made me feel so paranoid.

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