Digital Noise Episode 103: The Men From U.N.C.L.E


This week, Brian and Johnny Neill convene at Johnny’s palatial estate to geek out about, well, the memorabilia in Johnny’s studio mostly…but also about a new batch of Blu-ray and DVD titles!

The heat clearly got to Brian as titles from weeks past and future fly about, but never let it be said that there is any such thing as an ordinary Digital Noise!

Come for the Blus, but never leave with the blues! It’s time to crank up da noise!

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33 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 103: The Men From U.N.C.L.E”

    1. That’s me! No, not really… I just buy stuff I like and eventually it might become worth something. Our house was a total dump when we bought it, IRS repo And if I may say, I have good taste. ha!

    1. No, but you know what is funny? Growing up in Corpus Christi, TX in the 70’s there was a comic book store called Collector’s World, and they had those rubber masks from Starlog magazine, including the Kirk mask. As soon as Halloween came out I saw that face and knew immediately that it was a William Shatner Kirk mask! There was nothing I could DO with that information, but I knew! I knew!!!

  1. I don’t have much collectibles (at least in terms of actual value), but I do have a boxed version of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island that is in very good condition. And a few movie teaser posters.

    1. I don’t really have a lot of “collectibles” as in merchandise, but I really love old posters and even though i am trying to not have clutter in my life, I end up with a stack I have to go back through and wean out every couple of years. I like that approach, because I send off everything I feel “done” with to, and they eventually auction them off, and I get commission checks for about three months. It makes the collection feel alive somehow, instead of just archived. I like stuff that doesn’t really make any sense. Like the Twilight Zone pinball table piece, or I have an uncut metal sheet of the from of the 1960’s Dick Tracy lunchbox, with 12 identical images. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I know I can display it somewhere – maybe as a magnetic bulletin board – and it won’t be like anything anywhere else. I mostly buy stuff that has a sense of art product to it.

    1. I hope we didn’t disappoint! I was hyped on this one because of the Man From UNCLE, and the movies. I saw the movie a couple of days ago and it was a real boost of Summer Spy Movie Kicks! I really loved it!

      1. You could never disappoint, Mr. Neill. And I pre-ordered Man from UNCLE on Amazon VOD after all the great buzz. Can’t wait to check it out.

  2. I always look forward to Johnny and Brian episodes. They’re so much fun and you guys have amazing chemistry. I’ll be listening to this on my way home from work today and I’m excited!

      1. That’s not necessarily a problem, Johnny. You two could talk about anything and I’d still listen.

  3. Yeah Brian is finally back where he belongs….instead of ya know work and stuff 🙂

    Also Johnny Neil is becoming a favorite too, never know where the show is headed with these two in control!

    1. Thanks, Ghostlord! We never know where it is headed, either. Brian does all the work and I just show up and we start talking. It’s really fun recording shows with him.

  4. The only real thing collectible(s) I own is the original Star Wars trilogy Special Edition DVDs that include the unaltered theatrical cuts. They even came with three pretty cool lithographs!

  5. One of my favorite collectibles is a tie right now between my steelbook edition of Big Trouble in Little China from Arrow video (where the cover is the poster by Drew Struzan) or my Italian release of The Wraith on Blu-Ray (I couldn’t afford the Japanese release that Brian and Luke talked about those oh so many moons ago on this show)

  6. Speaking of Rage Select and One Of Us team-ups, is there any chance we might see Johnny Neill over there on The Dojo? That could be the cross-over to end all cross-overs!

    1. First: Love the profile pic, MMA! As far as Rage Select, you would have to petition them. I only go where I am invited, like Dracula.

      1. All the time! We have him in the dining room, so when new people to the home walk by they freak out.

  7. Jean-François Martel

    it’s a shame the Candian release of Wyrmwood doesn’t have the same cover as the american one (but at least it’s a blu-ray/DVD combo, so… Silver linings)

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