Somebody Likes It: Ep 45: Styx-“Kilroy Was Here”

HAHAHAHAHA! Well, don’t get me wrong I had to suffer through it too, but still HAHAHAHAHAHA! This week I picked Styx’s 1983 back-masked classic Kilroy Was Here as my torture device, err, album to listen to. You all remember Killroy Was Here right? It spawned the huge hit Mr. Roboto a song that has aged as well as a yogurt cup left out in the sun. I highly recommend everyone take a listen.

This week we did something different for A Few Minutes With. Instead of watching a music video, we watched the 10 minute long mini-movie Styx opened their shows with on the tour supporting Kilroy Was Here. Ok, now obviously I was fucking around when I encouraged you guys to listen to the album, but I AM NOT when I tell you to watch this movie. It is A grade unintentional humor.

Ryan picked Do You by Spoon for A Current Affair.

Up Next-We celebrate the return of Dad Kevin with the ultimate Dad album, Sukirae-by father/son duo Tweedy. See you around,



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