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Jaws…Live on Stage

You guys probably already sussed that Austin is kind of a weird town. Weird in the most awesome way, of course. Our own Sam Eidson (from Digital Noise and Highly Suspect Reviews) had to take some time off for another project. Well, multiple projects, like promoting his new film Balls Out that no less than the New York Times gave a great review for. But specifically for this one…a stage show version of the movie Jaws that Sam stars in and directs.

Yes, this is a thing. His company, The Old Murder House Theater, does stuff like this in town all the time. For instance, may I present, Aliens on Ice:

Or how about, Die Hard Live (3D):

Or even Jurassic Park?

Putting together these elaborate, creative and funny adaptations for the stage, starring in films, appearing on our site…when does Sam find the time to sleep?


Now’s your chance to see him perform for yourself. There are 4 Shows Only: July 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th at the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin. You can get your tickets right here. It’s the 40th anniversary of Jaws and they’re gonna need a bigger stage!