Five and Out 104: Bad Baby Names


We take a bit of a departure from the norm this week as Wes and Steve discuss Wes’s helping someone with heat exhaustion, Steve’s Baby-palooza weekend, Wes participated in an acting study, and our Top 5 Bad Baby Names!

What are your Top 5 Bad Baby Names? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!


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1 thought on “Five and Out 104: Bad Baby Names”

  1. I’ll shall name my amazingly unavoidable yet bellyful children :

    1) Mr. Grumpfrown McInsult (trust me, this name will get handy when he will be old… with name like that…)

    2) Squigley Wiggley (always pronounce with a strong British accent)

    3) Penny from Inspector Gadget (named after Penny from Inspector Gadget)

    4) Twin girls Bum-bum and Tom-Tom (they will get to drink milk, therefor grow up hot…)

    5) Magnum Opus (The youngest child and therefor the best of them all and the one who will get to judge others and pass his will on them and those who won’t obey him, kneels while speaking to him OR won’t marvel at his glory and greatness shall be punished by pushing a big bolder for his capricious amusement. He shall be my most beloved and perfect son and be what makes this family feel completed and joyful. Beware!)

    Can YOU imagine our happy family?

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