Digital Noise Episode 101: Reviews on Roller Skates


Joe and Chris head up this week’s jampacked episode of Digital Noise bringing you fun reviews of all the home release titles worth talking about (or, at least, the ones we got sent to watch. Somebody start emailing Shout! Factory that they really should put us back on their list). We see Morgan Freeman as a pimp-daddy in Street Smart, and as a cantankerous old dude in Five Flights Up. Despite some amount of fan outrage, we really dug season 1 of Powers and were pretty ‘meh’ on season 3 of Ripper Street. Much is made of the awesomeness of Slow West, and, I suppose, of Roller Boogie as well.

Titles abound and a Simon Pegg-led action comedy Kill Me Three Times is our giveaway. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Ripper Street Season 2 Bluray Review   Powers Season 1 Bluray Review   Maggie Bluray Review

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71 Bluray Review   Pact 2 Bluray Review   Survivor Bluray Review

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For The Emporer Bluray Review   Criminal Law Bluray Review   Street Smart Bluray Review

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Roller Boogie Bluray Review   Timbuktu Bluray Review   5 Flights Up Bluray Review

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Woman in Gold Bluray Review  Deli Man Bluray Review Slow West Bluray Review

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Kill Me Three Times Giveaway Image

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11 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 101: Reviews on Roller Skates”

  1. Why do these episodes get posted a week after some of the titles come out? (Example: Maggie was last week.)

    1. It has been that way with the majority of our titles since we began way back on Spill. It’s so we have time to actually watch everything in addition to the myriad other recordings we have to do.

      1. With all due respect, I just felt like throwing that out there because it’s been throwing me off for a while. Regardless, I’m glad Maggie was still covered (much like I was glad a few months ago that somebody FINALLY talked about The Signal last year (I really like that movie, and I was shocked that nobody I watch or listen to was reviewing it.)! (Yet I felt Ex Machina was kind of the opposite of that for two reasons: 1: it got more attention, and 2: unlike THAT movie where nobody I watch or listen to reviewed it, with Ex Machina, they DID.) (It’s among my favorites of the year so far; I’m betting next week (where this week was both Ex Machina AND It Follows, which is in there as well), somebody will pick one as their Pick of the Week, and somebody will pick the other as their Pick of the Week.)

        1. In addition to what Brian said, they don’t even send us a lot of the titles till very close to, or even after the release dates. Sorry about the wait but when you’re doing a one-and-done weekly review show it’s hard to have everything covered in time when you’ve got two people who need to see them and tight turnarounds.

  2. Ohhh man, I thought you would never get released ’71. It is an outstanding film and if you can believe it, does actually capture the tension and danger of the time in Northern Ireland. Top Ten of the Year contender for sure.

  3. Charles Armstrong

    Not sure if it’s just me, but this and today’s Randy Plays Games aren’t showing up in my iTunes feed.

  4. I doubt you guys will get to this as it came out already and Scream Factory might not have sent it, but I was just wondering if you got to see the Blu-Ray for Dog Soldiers and all the controversy that came from the transfer they had with that?

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